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Curved Banana Transfer Board

Now: $84.72
2.60 LBS

Product Description

The arched shape of the Curved Banana Transfer Board enables a variety of positioning options but allows for the natural sweeping motion of an assisted transfer.  The Curved Banana Transfer Board is ideal for bed, car, wheelchair, and toileting transfers.  The Curved Banana Transfer Board is made from durable, semi-rigid polyethylene that can be easily wiped down for cleaning and infection control.  The top of the board is a smooth sliding surface and the ends are flared to provide a stable transfer platform.  The Curved Banana Transfer Board can be used for both assisted and unassisted transfers.  

Support your body weight on the flat surface as you move slowly and carefully paying attention to your movement and the location of your body as you transfer across the board. Don’t drag your buttocks on the board. Keep your body in the correct position keeping your feet flat on the floor throughout most types of transfers. When transferring, never put your hands or fingers under the board.

When using the Curved Banana Transfer Board, it is recommeded that both the individual to be transferred and the caregiver wear a Transfer Belt to provide an extra margin of safety and control during the transfer. Weight capacity 250 lbs. Made in the USA. 1/8" Thick.


Additional Product Specifications:

Specification Dimensions
Width (center) 10.5"
Width (end) 12"
Length 28"
Product Weight 2.6 lbs
Weight Capacity 250 lbs.